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The human’s have wired in the generator.  Yet to be tested.  Fill you in on how that one goes.  And the humans have started to fit the dual fuel filter and polishing system.  Which really means they got the parts out and figured out how it all fits together.


But most important is your next town mural.

The treasure chest

Close up of the sea horse

The turtle with the cliffs of Gran Tarajal in the back ground

A ship sailing into the harbour here

A little bit of treasure to be found here

I am not sure what these symbols stand for. Any ideas?

Gran Tarajal


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  1. Hello all!

    Are you planning on being in the Canaries for Christmas?

    Still checking in with your website and keeping tabs on your great adventures. I guess getting across the Atlantic will be one of the biggest parts of this first instalment of the trip. When will you think about doing that?

    It’s been pretty rough on the weather front here and you know how I like my sun so V. jealous of the temp. over there!

    Have a great Xmas whereever you are and likewise to all your family and friends who check in and read this.

    Must admit matey not quite the same run in to the big day without our usual pre Xmas gig and beers!!!

    Keep ’em safe Quinny.