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I decided that the humans are not working hard enough so I woke them up very early.  So early in fact the sun was not up yet.

Sun rising over the port of Gran Tarajal

There was nothing for them to do, but take me for a sun rise walk on the beach.

And you guys know I hate the beach!

The black volcanic beach of Gran Tarajal

Me – Getting covered in black sand to drag onto the boat

The town waking up, and a little hint of who our next mural will be.

So while I was in town, I though I would add your next mural.

The Sea Bites Back – seen from the beach

The Sea Bites Back – from the street

The Sea Bites Back – close up

The Sea Bites Back – I think their boat is in trouble

The Sea Bites Back – the two headed sailor looks concerned

The Sea Bites Back – up a river without a paddle

The Sea Bites Back – these are hungry fish!

The Sea Bites Back – don’t be deceived by their cute look


Hope you enjoyed that mural.

The humans are still working on the boat….boring!

One is still working on the fuel system, while the other is going to start on patching the leaky dingy.



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