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Dartmouth is so touristy!  It was sunny yesterday and you could not move through town, but today it started with rain, so the town was DEAD. 

The sun was a welcome change yesterday.  Here is a little video of the harbour from the boat.


We all went for a lovely walk along the harbour and up to the point where Dartmouth Castle is situated.


Here is the gun turret.



Coming back through town it seemed everyone was engaged in at least one of the two great British  coastal sporting events.  I do not know why they don’t include them in the Olympics.  They include sitting on a bench and eating fish and chips or catching crabs. 

The crabs thing suprises me the most.  Whole families purchase buckets, bait and nets to spend the day catching crabs only too……let them all go at the end!  At least with the fish and chips ‘thing’ you get to eat something in the end.

All this walking around and contemplating the behaviour of holidaying Brits is exhausting.

The veiw from the boat is pretty at night.

Rain never stops play with these two even today.

They have too much energy.  Too bad they have not caught any fish for us yet!!



  1. Helen Houssart

    Very impressed with Quinny Quinn’s directorial debuts
    Love to all xx

  2. Well, well well, have you got either a Mr Lucas or Spielberg on board? The Video’s are great, particularly the one with the producer asleep in the cockpit!