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It is another beautiful day here in the Canary Islands.  I will be hiding in the shade again until evening approaches.  My morning and evening walks make the humans stop working on the boat…..not like they are very efficient.  It can not be fun working in the engine roam all day, but that is why they came here and are paying to be tied to a dock and electrics.  Play can always come later.

So far all their jobs are half done, so I can not even complement them on any successes yet.  I think they are going to take a wee break today to do a bit of Christmas shopping.  Only a few days to go!  Are you getting excited?

So here is your mural for the day.  Hope you like this one.  I call it The Cargo Ship.  Remember to keep track of your favourites.

Here is a strange place to find a cargo ship anchored up

Can you find the anchor?

What are they doing on that anchor?

Here is a close up of the front. Can you see someone hiding?

Did you find him?

Count the number of people on the ship.  Look closely.

Did you miss anyone?

Did you get everyone on the flybridge?

How about counting the people on the stern of the ship.

Did you get all these guys?


What kind of writing is this?

I can not decide if this is a camel or a very strange sheep


Can you find the artists name?


And this is the end




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