19. July 2012 · 3 comments · Categories: Posts

Yes, their dry spell has officially ended at 5am this morning.

I heard the noise outside and barked them a warning, but they just told me to be quiet and tried to go back to sleep.  Then the female realised she left her rod out last night and jumped up to look out the porthole and sure enough their was a fish on.

The man human raced off to be the first one to reel in a fish…actually two mackeral were attatched!

Three more were caught in quick succession and I had a wonderful time barking in delight and waking up all the neighbours moored near us.


The female human gave me lots of sushi to munch on.

I am starting to get the hang of doing this video thing and started attaching my ‘Quinney Quinnster’ productions to my old posts, so have a look back and you might find something new.

Here’s one that got missed:

Keep smiling



  1. Helen Houssart

    Ah the wind blowing in your whiskers and ears.. what more could any irish terrier want

  2. Your female has a gift for catching fish. NONE of us are surprised!