Well, we were obviously not going to get the traditional Victorian style Christmas this year, so we went with the flow and had a Christmas swim in the sea instead.

The swim had nothing to do with the humans over indulging in port last night.

We will all really miss family and friends over the holidays, but we are glad we have been adopted by some lovely fellow sailors.

Some of the crowd we will spend Christmas with


Just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!


The humans do like to embarrass me




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Well it is the day before Christmas and there is not a snow flake in site!

The human’s dragged me out to watch a nativity play in the park.  Half the town was acting in it, most of the adults were villagers and most of the children were sheep.  The rest of the town was watching it.  The set and costumes were great.  The high lights were the glowing star on a pully system through the trees, the donkey that did not want to carry Mary and all the children dressed as sheep scrabbling on their hands and knees being herded back and forth by their older syblings.  The only draw back was I do not understand a word of the Spanish.  Glad I know the story.

My human’s are cooking a Christmas dinner tonight, so there should be lots of left overs for me over the holidays.  Yum, yum!

I will do a special Christmas blog tomorrow, but for today I have another mural for you.  I call this one The Tourists.

The Tourists
They do not look like Spanish Tourists. Do you think they are British or German?

I love their facial expressions

Have you decided if they are British or German yet?

Does the contents of their picnic basket help you decide?
I do not see any beer.

Could be beer in here.

Does their foot wear help you decide?

Post your vote on whether or not they are German or British tourists.  Or maybe you have another nationality in mind.  Do not forget to include your reasons why.




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Well the human’s are still working on the boat and getting excited about Christmas.  A Christmas ‘pot-luck’ has been organised at 3pm on Christmas day for all the boats on their pontoon, and a few boats from other pontoons in the Port.   I will enjoy playing with all the kids.  They have all adopted me as the ‘honorary’ family pet of the Port.


So here is your next mural.  I call this on ‘The Camel’s Back’

Is it about the foundation of civilisation?  Building on the past? Creation?

The Camel’s Back

Sorry about the shadow from the building beside it.

Village on the Camel’s back.


The Camel’s legs descending into the sea with an island (Fuerteventura?) in the back ground.


Ancient city under the sea at the Camel’s feet.

The left side of the under water ancient city.

The centre of the ancient city under the sea.

Right side of ancient city under the sea.

Do you see anything I missed?

Did you spot this balloon?






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It is another beautiful day here in the Canary Islands.  I will be hiding in the shade again until evening approaches.  My morning and evening walks make the humans stop working on the boat…..not like they are very efficient.  It can not be fun working in the engine roam all day, but that is why they came here and are paying to be tied to a dock and electrics.  Play can always come later.

So far all their jobs are half done, so I can not even complement them on any successes yet.  I think they are going to take a wee break today to do a bit of Christmas shopping.  Only a few days to go!  Are you getting excited?

So here is your mural for the day.  Hope you like this one.  I call it The Cargo Ship.  Remember to keep track of your favourites.

Here is a strange place to find a cargo ship anchored up

Can you find the anchor?

What are they doing on that anchor?

Here is a close up of the front. Can you see someone hiding?

Did you find him?

Count the number of people on the ship.  Look closely.

Did you miss anyone?

Did you get everyone on the flybridge?

How about counting the people on the stern of the ship.

Did you get all these guys?


What kind of writing is this?

I can not decide if this is a camel or a very strange sheep


Can you find the artists name?


And this is the end




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I decided that the humans are not working hard enough so I woke them up very early.  So early in fact the sun was not up yet.

Sun rising over the port of Gran Tarajal

There was nothing for them to do, but take me for a sun rise walk on the beach.

And you guys know I hate the beach!

The black volcanic beach of Gran Tarajal

Me – Getting covered in black sand to drag onto the boat

The town waking up, and a little hint of who our next mural will be.

So while I was in town, I though I would add your next mural.

The Sea Bites Back – seen from the beach

The Sea Bites Back – from the street

The Sea Bites Back – close up

The Sea Bites Back – I think their boat is in trouble

The Sea Bites Back – the two headed sailor looks concerned

The Sea Bites Back – up a river without a paddle

The Sea Bites Back – these are hungry fish!

The Sea Bites Back – don’t be deceived by their cute look


Hope you enjoyed that mural.

The humans are still working on the boat….boring!

One is still working on the fuel system, while the other is going to start on patching the leaky dingy.